Monday, June 22, 2015

Making it Better with SAMR

In a previous post titled SAMR Model: A bright idea for using Educational Technology I researched and presented what the SAMR model was all about.  I had a chance to apply the SAMR model to an existing unit of study that I teach in second grade.  My challenge was to analyze the existing components in a unit that I teach using the lens of the SAMR model and then modify the unit with new technology components.  Below is a quick refresher on the SAMR model:

I chose an insect research unit from our curriculum for this project because I had already added some new components to the unit last year.  This four-week research project is based on a Common Inquiry Process where students find answers to their questions about insects while researching a specific insect of their choosing. The choices of insects are intentionally limited to ensure that print and electronic resources are available, of good quality, and are as age appropriate as possible. Collaboration is encouraged for students who choose like insects.  Students begin by sharing what they know about insects and then learn about common traits such as body structure.  Students use a flow map to guide them through this project which culminates in presenting their research by developing a Google web site.

 I've put together a presentation on Prezi that outlines the current insect unit and the modifications I incorporated into the unit using the SAMR model as a guide.  Check it out!

Thanks for viewing my Prezi.  I've also included a document below that outlines this unit in more detail along with analysis and rational for the modifications using the SAMR model.

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