Thursday, June 4, 2015

The SAMR Model: A bright idea for using Educational Technology

The S.A.M.R model is a tool for teachers to use for evaluating technology integration in the classroom.  It was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the founder and president of Hippasus, a consulting firm that concentrates on applications of informational technologies in education.  He developed the SAMR model as a guide for selecting, using, and evaluating technology in teaching and learning.  I have found the SAMR model to be both enlightening and useful.  The SAMR model works similarly to Bloom's Taxonomy; moving up through the different stages in the SAMR framework are associated with higher levels of student learning and achievement. The frame work looks like this:

Dr. Puentedura equates his model to that of a ladder; climbing up the latter you move from enhancing lessons with technology (Substitution, Augmentation) to crossing a threshold by transforming lessons (Modification, Redefinition).

Here is a quick overview of the SAMR model:

I've put together a Screencast that further explains the SAMR model.  This presentation was developed with my school and colleagues in mind.  However, the presentation includes details and examples that could apply to many elementary settings.  

Thanks for your interest.  I hope the information I have provided and the presentation I developed are useful to you in your teaching practice.


  1. Micahel! Great job! Loved how you used Bloom's Taxonomy to compare it to the SAMR Model! Really enjoyed it and loved your examples for each level!

  2. Excellent resource for SAMR information. I can tell that you are prepared to help EPS and your school to grow with technology integration.